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C-VAP (Community Value Addition Project)

What is C-VAP?

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C-VAP is an initiative led by CAD FM who are passionate about educating people in the community with the fundamentals of CAD, manufacturing, product design and the basics of product development.

We have worked hard to develop what we believe is a ground-breaking solution to meet the needs of the future workforce and fill the ever-growing skills gap in this sector. That is why in January 2020 CAD FM began the “Community Value Addition Project (C-VAP)”.

Teaching through community-based projects such as C-VAP is an innovative approach in education and there is no better form of learning than from those who work directly in the field you are training in.

Gaining valuable knowledge through step-by-step instruction but also being able to share your thoughts with leaders in that field is a rare opportunity.

This will not only train the people with barriers to earn a decent livelihood but also plug the evergrowing skill gap in the engineering and manufacturing sector.

The initial months of this project have been highly successful and we at CAD FM are extremely excited at what the future brings.


  • The overarching aim of C-VAP is to bring opportunities to those who seek to work in any aspect of product development no matter their starting point
  • We aim to add value to the local community in an innovative and cost-effective way that is sustainable
  • We seek to use social media to foster and engage with all communities, sharing best practice and new ideas.


  • To strive for every person in our community to have the chance to reach their full potential
  • We believe in looking towards new technologies to support future development and sharing that research with CAD community
  • We want to exceed all customer expectations
  • We treat all who work with us with respect and enthusiasm and acknowledge individual needs and ability.

Where are we now?

We are currently running the projects without sponsorship or supplementary funding and it is seeing some outstanding results. CAD FM is publishing a free CAD knowledge base, free 3D CAD models for printing, courses and books.

This is a one-stop platform for those who are new to the world of CAD design and enables you to learn all about CAD in a comprehensive manner. The YouTube resources facilitate you to become the inventor that you dreamed of being with step by step guides on how to bring your ideas to life.

By subscribing to our free social media outlets, you will be able to maintain your education beyond the immediate core learning.

Whether you want daily input of new information, top up your knowledge on a weekly or monthly basis or even share your thoughts with the C VAP community, there is a place for you.

Sharing best practice is the core of growth and development and, while you learn, we are continually researching new techniques and testing new technology so that you can be kept ahead of the game.

CAD FM has also published case studies in different engineering-fields to supports and improve user experience and productivity.

This is a method of dissemination the C VAP intends to develop further to assist the manufacturing world and bringing it more closely aligned to the work of product development.

It provides a complex examination of an issue and, by investigating and recognising the fundamental principles of an occurrence within a real-life context, suggests ground-breaking solutions that many can benefit from.

The Exciting Future of C-VAP

C VAP Future Represented with Graphics: Digital numbers and green world with diversity shown by colourful people and hands
C-VAP Future Diversity

Team CAD FM is committed to regularly updating CAD Knowledgebase with fresh and ever-evolving trends, to give free/subsidised training on CAD and Product Design & Development and provide case study based experience to the manufacturers to meet any challenges they may come across.

The vision for CAD FM is to ADD VALUE to the COMMUNITY – not just in the short term but long term too. It is not enough to just patch up an issue or provide a one-off package of knowledge. This has to be sustainable for the students and the community they serve.

We are there, regularly, and consistently adding new information, the latest research and up-to-date data to our offer and, once you engage with us, you have a lifetime of input and support.

The biggest factor for this project’s success is that it delivers what our audience needs. We are targeting people who have decided that for one reason or another University is not the appropriate route for them, or they may have faced huge challenges trying to get the support they need.

We will support people with basic skills, working with them to identify the gaps in their skill-set that the industry actually requires and thereby securing solid foundations for its students.

The C VAP project nurtures talent and enables us to understand each person’s strengths and motivators. We encourage students to find the right solutions and to make decisions on their own by giving them the skills they want. C VAP sees itself as an enabler, removing blockages so that budding inventors can be creative and become exceptional problem solvers.

C-VAP builds great relationships of trust with relevant organizations and the students themselves. By proactively listening we act upon feedback that strengthens the commitment of our students to the project.

We help our learners to contextualize the knowledge they gain from our courses with the real-life world. This enables them to see the impact they could have in the future and what impact they do have now.

It is essential to the successful delivery of C VAP that the information we publish is credible. C VAP is the brainchild of Dr Farrukh Makhdum, a leading academic, author, researcher and CEO of CAD FM. CAD-FM provides computer-aided design solutions to customers.

They support companies who engage in activities that require a high level of creative design with assistance in design and analysis. Dr Farrukh Makhdum has spent many years looking at the world of manufacturing and product development and is eager that he can share his knowledge and experience with a wider audience.

He has a great sense of social accountability and educational awareness and is the driving force behind C-VAP and is integral to the information it shares with its students.

We would love you to join us

Contact CAD FM to become a part of C-VAP! Follow us at Facebook or email us at info@cad-fm.com for further information.

General Information

What is Community Value Addition?

A unique value, added to the community, whereby a group of individuals, sharing collective ethical values, come together to benefit and empower those who face barriers in society.

Community Value Addition Project

A bespoke project with the aim of shared research and distribution of knowledge to enable the achievement of a distinct aim for the benefit of the community.

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