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Farrukh Makhdum | PhD Mechanical Engineer | CAD FM
4 Rogart Street, Suit 3/17 G40 2AA, Glasgow, United Kingdom.



Dr Farrukh Makhdum is a mechanical engineer with over 15 years of experience in operations and development. His passion for the practical essentials of R&D, Process Optimisation and Environmental Protection is evident from his contribution to the engineering community. He has worked with Rolls-Royce, Airbus and other public and defence sector organisations and has written extensively on these subjects.

He is currently leading two major step-changing projects namely: i) Smart Technologies, and ii) Greener Environment.

“The urgency of taking action to address the environmental emergency keeps me up at night. It is vital that we introduce solutions that reduce carbon footprints throughout the lifecycle of a product/solution, without adversely affecting the circular economy and environment”, says, Dr Makhdum.

His PhD thesis is available on Google Books and the Loughborough University e-repository. He is an experienced mechanical engineer and according to Farrukh’s GoogleScholar profile, his journal & conference publications receive hundreds of citations each year.

His research publications are available through Science Direct and Farrukh’s Mendeley author profile has recorded thousands of views and downloads of his publications. This can also be seen on his ResearchGate page which shows the impact that his experience and research is having.

Besides his scholarly contributions, Farrukh has also been featured in engineering magazines such as The Manufacture, Design News and others.

Notwithstanding his engineering endeavours, he takes a deep interest in the improvements of local communities, and his drive for supporting the deprived people is demonstrated by a new and innovative project called C-VAP (Community Value Addition Project). C-VAP is about enabling people in the local community with the skills to earn a livelihood. It is a ground-breaking solution to meet the needs of the future workforce and fill the ever-growing skills gap in the communities.

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