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Dr Farrukh Makhdum, also known as Dr FM, has a passion for the practical essentials of Manufacturing, CAD, and Product Design. He also has a desire to bring his expertise in these areas to local communities, in a bid to engage with people who face barriers in their lives and help them to achieve their ambitions.

This drive for a solution to support this dream is demonstrated by a new and innovative project called C-VAP (Community Value Addition Project). C-VAP is about educating people in the local community with the fundamentals of manufacturing, product design and the basics of product development. It is a ground-breaking solution to meet the needs of the future workforce and fill the ever-growing skills gap in this sector.

Dr Farrukh Makhdum is CEO and Founder at CAD FM. A PhD engineer, his thesis book, one of many publications Farrukh had produced, is available on Google Books. He is an experienced mechanical CAD engineer and according to Farrukh’s GoogleScholar profile, his journal & conference publications receive thousands of citations each year.

His research publications on CAD, FEA and Ultrasonic applications are available through Science Direct and Farrukh’s Mendeley author profile has recorded thousands of views and downloads of his publications. This can also be seen on his ResearchGate page which shows the impact that his experience and research is having.

Besides his scholarly contributions, Farrukh has also been featured in engineering magazines such as The Manufacture, Design News and others.

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