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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

Frequently asked questions at CAD FM

Q01. What type of services do you offer?

Answer: Our services include, but are not limited to:


Q02. Can you sign a non-disclosure agreement?

Answer: We have a standard non-disclosure agreement which we can sign at the start of a project. This standard NDA can be arranged at an additional cost of £49.79. If you require any special arrangements, you’ll need to provide an NDA formulated by your solicitor or lawyer.


Q03. Do you watermark final designs?

Answer: We place a watermark on our work as a standard practice. If you want your work delivered watermark-free, this can be agreed.


Q04. How does a typical project work?

  • After you first contact us, we provide a free half-hour consultation to find out more about your project.
  • You send us your project requirements, and we give you a detailed quotation.
  • We use a 3D model to check the conceptual design.
  • If required, we can offer 3D printing and prototyping to check whether your design needs to be modified during early product development.
  • If required, our engineering team can also conduct a design analysis using the latest CAD software to check whether your design meets regulation requirements.
  • We offer two free rounds of revisions during development.
  • If you want to modify the design, we can change the CAD input and recalculate the model. (Note that this usually incurs an additional fee.)
  • We finalise the design drawings and 3D models.


Q05: Can you give me a free estimate?

Answer: Yes, just send us a copy of your requirements or book ½ an hour free consultancy. We’ll assess the extent of work required and provide a detailed, fixed quote for the project.


Q06. Do you offer revisions?

Answer: Yes. All of our work includes two rounds of free revisions, and more can be arranged for an extra fee.


Q07. I need to change some of the dimensions in an existing model. Can you do it?

Answer: You can talk with our engineering team about this. Provided your model is sound, we can update the dimensions in the appropriate CAD application and deliver in your required format.


Q08. How much do you charge for CAD drawing?

Answer: Every project is different and the cost varies from project to project. For a general guideline, you can visit our page CAD Services Cost.


Q09. Do you provide technical documentation services?

Answer: We can develop technical documentation such as assembly instructions, repair manuals, engineering illustrations, and more.


Q10. How long will my project take?

Answer: CAD FM aims to provide quality work in the shortest possible time. The timeline for your project will obviously depend on its size. We’ll discuss a feasible schedule with you before we begin work.


Q11. Which file formats can you work with?

Answer: We can work with all common file formats. If you need a specific type of output, just contact us and we’ll make the necessary arrangements.


Q12. Do you offer design services?

Answer: We offer both product design and furniture design services. CAD FM combines CAD technology with product design principles.

We consider ease of production and assembly for the manufacturer, and cost-effective, user-friendly design for consumers. For more information, see our online case studies.


Q13. Do you do reverse engineering?

Answer: Our reverse engineering services combine different processes and scanning equipment with CAD software. Following this procedure, we test, modify and optimise the model to prepare it for manufacture.


Q14. Can you help me to render images for my online store (ie Amazon or eBay?

Answer: We provide CAD-based photorealistic rendering services to create high-quality images of your products which will help increase your sales.


Q15: Can you convert my 2D drawings into 3D?

Answer: We offer professional 2D to 3D conversion services: just contact us with your requirements.


Q16. Do you offer any free 3D CAD models?

Answer: Yes! We have a library of free CAD models ready for 3D printing. We also develop free 3D models for children as part of our Community Value Addition project: just contact us for details.
If you have an idea or 3D model you’d like to share, just send it to us and we’ll be happy to give it exposure on our website.

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