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CAD FM defines its portfolio as a collection of complete projects and case studies. We at CAD FM use our portfolios to showcase our product and furniture design skills in the light of engineering-design principles and applications. We are delighted to present this portfolio to our clients as proof of our skills, abilities, and future potential.

Our services address a wide range of capabilities across the product life cycle specialising in product and engineering design. Activities within these themes are applicable to a broad range of industrial sectors, including aerospace and automotive, medical devices and furniture, as well as gym and consumer products. Our portfolio in the form of case studies is a clear reflection of these high-value activities.

  • 2D Drawings
  • 3D Models
  • Furniture Designs
  • Product Designs
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Case studies

CAD FM turns every challenge or a problem into an opportunity to help the industry and end-users to find the best possible solutions. We suggest appropriate and affordable solutions to both industry and end-user by applying novel engineering and product design methods together with the established engineering principles. CAD FM documents these solutions in the form of case studies as an extra value addition to the customers. Find below more about these case studies.

Furniture – case studies

People have been using the objects to support their activities such as seating, dining and resting since the beginning of civilization, these objects are called furniture. Though the furniture has evolved tremendously over these millenniums, yet contemporary human requirements demand further improvements and comfort. CAD FM expedites the process of meeting these demands by wielding the power of CAD systems or computer aided design together with the product-design principles. CAD FM is committed to providing state of the art and speedy solutions to the furniture industry to meet the current demand and comfort requirements. We focus on ease of manufacture and assembly to support the furniture manufacturers and help their customers’ by enhancing the human comfort level at a budget price. This is achieved by detailed case studies conducted by CAD FM.

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