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Case Studies | CAD FM Provided Turn Key Solution to Each Problem
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Case Studies


People have been using the objects to support their activities such as seating, dining and resting since the beginning of civilization, these objects are called furniture.

Though the furniture has evolved tremendously over these millenniums, yet contemporary human requirements demand further improvements and comfort. CAD FM expedites the process of meeting these demands by wielding the power of CAD systems or computer aided design together with the product-design principles.

CAD FM is committed to providing state of the art and speedy solutions to the furniture industry to meet the current demand and comfort requirements. We focus on ease of manufacture and assembly to support the furniture manufacturers and help their customers’ by enhancing the human comfort level at a budget price.

This is achieved by detailed case studies conducted by CAD FM.

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1. Dressing Table – CASE STUDY Jan 2020

CAD FM focused on the dressing table as the subject of this case study because the designers seldom consider the comfort of a consumer when it comes to the dressing tables after sale. The previous surveys and case studies have shown that a dressing table can be found in almost every home, and therefore, it is important to consider the comfort level of a user whilst designing or manufacturing these tables. The comfort of a potential customer should also be given precedence irrespective of its type, i.e. French dressing table, vintage dressing table or simply a flat pack dressing table.  

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