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CAD FM provides high quality and timely Product Design, Prototyping & CAD services to the clients.

We are committed to the best in CAD design and engineering as well as high-quality customer service.

We are constantly striving to make our services the best in the business, and truly believe that our customer-centric approach to CAD services offers you products and services unrivalled anywhere else.

Whether you are looking to bring your idea to the market/reality or learn more about CAD design and manufacturing, create a 3D CAD model of your own our friendly team will be with you every step of the way to support and guide you to success.

This is a 2D CAD drawing of a flange with dimensions, black on white paper

2D Drawings

Although 2D drawing is becoming an obsolete trend in the industry we still work with a significant number of clients who are perhaps in the early stages of a concept or need to mark up in more detail their creation and need our 2D drawing services.

3D CAD Drawing Sample Showing how 3D can be made

3D Drawings

Our 3D drawings are effective, creative and are produced to exacting standards to meet your specific needs. CAD FM works with you closely providing regular samples to ensure the end vision is being met.

3D CAD Services - A 3D Model with golden and chrome colours

3D Modelling

Our digital content creation ranging from conceptual product design visualisations to complex 3D mechanical structures and components.

A 2D drawing of valve and 3D CAD model on top depicting 2D to 3D Conversion

2D to 3D Conversion

If you want to modernise or improve your bottom line or simply impress your customers, we can support you during the upgrade process.

Furniture Design - A 3D model of a wardrobe with 2D boundaries

Flatpack Furniture Design

Let us help you design your flatpack furniture. We design both commercial and residential furniture on demand regardless of your project size.

Gers and Bearings 3D CAD Services

Product Design

There is no doubt that everything starts with an ontological category of being — an idea; all of the innovations, inventions and products started with mare an idea.

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Hungry for knowledge about CAD Services? Then keep reading!

CAD FM briefly explains some of the common questions related to CAD Services, such as:

  1. What are CAD Services?
  2. What is the Scope of CAD Services?
  3. What Types of CAD Services are out there?
  4. Who can Benefit from CAD Services?
  5. Why not Just Do It Yourself?

CAD FM believes in educating the CAD community as a part of the Community Value Addition Project (C-VAP).

CAD Services is a systematic way of providing computer-aided design solutions to customers.

Companies who engage in activities which require a high level of creative design, such as building construction or bicycle manufacture need assistance in design and analysis. However, hiring a long-term CAD expert can cost a fortune. To sidestep this, these companies can instead look for expert-agencies like CAD FM. By doing so, they can expect the same quality CAD Services, but at a fraction of the cost.

Standard practice usually dictates that companies outsource their design work to an external agency who manage all their design and analysis work. By availing of these CAD Services, the company’s workload and stress can be reduced. As a knock-on effect of this, the company or the individual can direct the majority of their energies/efforts to their core-activities – leaving the design and analysis work to the experts. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are discussed.

  • There’s no need to pay expensive software licensing fees.
  • No need for extensive staff training.
  • No need to spend exorbitant amounts on high-performance computers.
  • It saves on admin costs, i.e hiring a dedicated employee for in-house CAD projects.
  • One can avoid paying a monthly salary to retain a CAD employee.
  • Company overheads can be reduced substantially.
  • A CAD service provider converts your hand-drawn and blue books into editable CAD files faster.
  • CAD Service providers create a design or product that can be directly used for marketing or developmental purposes.
  • In-house CAD engineers can resign and depart from the company at any time, leaving the company’s productivity in jeopardy.
  • Outsourcing reduces the company’s overall workload.
  • The company is granted the space to focus on its core business.
  • By outsourcing, the company can focus on its customers, thus improving its B2C relations.
  • CAD-agencies engage in design and analysis jobs on a regular basis and hence, are well versed in their field.
  • The company can become dependent on the CAD-Service agencies’ work.
  • Scheduling problems can arise.
  • Time can be ‘lost’ verifying/checking the CAD agency’s work
  • Sometimes CAD agencies do not pay due attention to the clients’ requirements.
  • It can be difficult to relinquish control of this aspect of production.
  • A certain amount of trust needs to be established in order for the collaboration to work smoothly.

What Differentiates CAD FM from its Competitors?

In general, outsourcing to CAD agencies is the best way to reduce the company’s overheads and improve B2C customer satisfaction. To assist its clients, CAD FM offers excellent value CAD Services to SMEs and multinational companies alike.

By establishing a collaboration with CAD FM, companies can increase their overall efficiency and service quality as a result of operational changes/improvements in their processes. The bonuses arising from said changes are transparent, meaning:

  1. The client can focus all their energy on its mainstream business niche.
  2. Error-free quality work is guaranteed by CAD FM experts.
  3. A fast turn-around time with smooth communication throughout.
  4. Peace of mind: CAD FM offers two rounds of revisions on its CAD and Product Design Services.

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A 3D CAD Model of a fan coming out of computer screen representing CAD to become reality
3D CAD Model of a FAN Assembly – CAD FM
Image showing scope of CAD Services - from Building to Aerospace
CAD Services Scope

CAD Services range from simple 2D drawings to complex models of tall buildings, submarines, and space shuttles. All products, engineering factories, and facilities are first designed electronically using CAD Software before they become a reality.

Companies specialising in mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering can benefit from CAD Services; especially if they want to reduce their overheads, improve efficiency, and achieve higher customer satisfaction rates.

Herein, the mechanical CAD Services are discussed.

3.1. CAD Drafting:

CAD drafting services are of two main types: 2D and 3D. The most common variant of these is 2D drafting. In 2D, or two-dimensional drafting services, a design is represented by two-dimensional drawings, which usually requires multiple views.

These designs are often scaled-down and drawn using CAD software. These scaled-down drawings are then printed on a piece of paper and delivered to the manufacturers who utilise them in order to fabricate a tangible product.

A 3D drafting service represents a model drawn in three-dimensions with all its respective sizes. This type of drafting requires a lesser number of views in comparison to a 2-dimensional draft.

Most modern CAD software is capable of producing 3D drafting. Similar to 2D drafting, 3D drafting is often a scaled-down representation of a real product.

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Drafting with traditional pencil and paper style
Traditional Drafting before CAD
3.2. 2D Design:
2D Design style - a Yellow letter box
Letter Box CAD Design

2D Design Services can be envisioned as a more advanced version of 2D drafting services. In 2D drafting, the main focus is given to the objects’ dimensions. Whereas, in 2D design, advanced information such as material, manufacturing parameters etc. are also provided on the drawings.

Naturally, 2D design services are more expensive than their drafting service counterparts due to the extra information they contain. 2D Design Services also require more time and skill to complete. CAD software can help produce such designs; however, the experience of a designer takes precedence over the softwares’ capabilities.

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3.3. Three-Dimensional CAD Modelling Services:

As the name suggests, these services are tailored to 3D CAD modelling. CAD agencies create 3D models using CAD software and then these digital representations of a real component are provided to the customers. 3D Modelling Service-providers create files using three basic techniques: solid modelling, wireframe modelling, and surface modelling – depending on the complexity of the components.

Three-dimensional (3D) CAD Services are gaining more popularity in recent times due to the rapid evolution of 3D-printing technologies. Users no longer need complex 2D designs or drawings for a 3D printer; they just need an optimised 3D CAD model to work from.

CAD Service providers, like CAD FM, optimise 3D models for their customers for printing purposes. These models are usually printable when provided in particular file formats such as .obj, .stl and .step. These models are generally used for machining, manufacturing, analysis, and so on.

3D CAD Modelling Services depicted by a motor and its parts - dominant colour is blue
CAD Modelling of a Motor
3.4. CAD Conversion:

CAD Conversion Services include the transformation of one type of design to another. For example, the conversion of old/traditional drawings to digital drawings drafted with a CAD system. The resultant files have extensions .dwg, .dxf, and others like them. The main CAD Conversion Services are given below:

3.5. Conversion from Paper-Based to Digital:
2D Paper drawing is converted into digital format - a flange design
Paper-Based Drawings to CAD Digital Conversion Services

This is one of the ways to modernise your company and improve efficiency. The CAD Service Providers convert the old-school 2D drawings to a digital 2D format like .dwg, .dxf, .x3d …  However, as time goes by, this technique is becoming obsolete, and the focus of service providers is gradually shifting from 2D to 3D conversion.

3.6. 2D to 3D Conversions:
2D Drawings of Jet Aircraft are converted into 3D model - possibly F16
2D to 3D Conversion Services

2D to 3D conversions can come in two separate forms: from paper-based 2D to 3D digital, or from digital 2D to 3D digital. In the first type, the CAD engineer takes a 2D paper drawing and uses his knowledge and experience to convert this into a digital 3D model.

In the second type, a 2D digital drawing in digital file formats such as .dwg, .dxf or .x3d is transformed into a 3D digital model. CAD engineers claim that both of these transformation processes are time-consuming but nonetheless rewarding in the long run.

3.7. Conversion from 3D to 2D:
A complex 3D engine crank shaft is converted into 2D drawings
3D Model to 2D drawings

Even with all the improvements in technology, there are still some people who prefer to utilise two-dimensional models. One reason for this is that all the design information cannot be transferred using a 3D model. To illustrate, a 3D model does not include information about tolerances and other machining parameters. This information is transferred to a manufacturer via a 2D drawing.

To remedy this, CAD Service Providers develop a 3D model first and assign the maximum properties that they can to a 3D model. Then they convert this 3D model into a 2D design before sending it to the manufacturer.

Alternatively, some customers already have the necessary 3D models and instead require the necessary manufacturing information. This information can only be embedded in a 2D design. The basic dimensional parameters, i.e sizes, are taken from the model, and the additional information is digitally transposed onto the 2D drawings.

3.8. Converting from one CAD Format to Another CAD Format:

CAD Services are often used for the conversion of CAD file-formats. For example, a file created in Solidworks has an .SLDPRT extension/format, which cannot be directly used for 3D printing. The conversion of this file from .SLDPRT to 3D printable format, i.e .STL is thus necessary.

Some customers require CAD Conversion Services to interchange the files between different formats such as .SLDPRT, .PRT, .STL, .STEP and others.

That being said, a part produced in one format is not editable in another. Nonetheless, the new format is usually compatible with the machine for which it was converted.

3.9. Assembly Modelling:

Customers need to see how components come together and form an assembly. Therefore, they need CAD Assembly Services to see the interaction between each component. CAD Service Providers facilitate this task in two ways: one is to take the 3D models of each component from the customer and then assemble them.

The second is to 3D model all components for the customer and then assemble them. CAD FM is an expert in providing both of these services to suit the customers’ needs, especially, the flatpack furniture industry.

CAD Assembly Services depicted by explode of a dressing table and converted to a single component
CAD Assembly Instruction Services
3.10. Rendering Services:
CAD Rendering shown by a ceramic penholder a diamond shape with white colour
CAD Rendering of a Ceramic Penholder

Many customers are only interested in CAD Rendering Services.

Rendering is used to produce close-to-reality digital images of a design or a product using only CAD software. These realistic representations of products can be used for display purposes on Amazon, eBay and others.

Many investors are replacing product photography with CAD Rendering as rendering is cheaper, less time consuming, and more attractive for marketing purposes.

3.11. Animations:

CAD Animation Services are needed when transferring complex information such as component assembly or part replacement. These services are often used when explaining the process or function of a product.

For any CAD animation, especially engineering ones, 3D models are required. These models are assembled using CAD assembly modules, and then animations are created using CAD software. One of the best ways to have your animation done is to use CAD FM Animation Services.

Jet Engine of a Military Aircraft - Animation by CAD FM
CAD FM Animation of Jet Engine
3.12. Documentation:
Documentation of Architectural CAD
CAD Documentation

CAD Documentation Services include all the technical instructions needed for the manufacturing or operation of a product. It is not surprising that each consumer product, ranging from a toothbrush to a complex car, contains some form of technical documentation. The most common form of CAD documentation is for the user manuals of machines. These manuals contain safety, operation, and maintenance instructions. Modern CAD Documentation Service providers produce these instructions in the form of printed manuals, audio files, and videos. However, in the past, such instructions were only limited to paper-based manuals. Thanks to modern CAD systems, this form of documentation can be produced faster – with higher quality outcomes.

3.13. Analysis:

CAD Analysis Services are required to verify a design. These services can range from a simple assembly analysis (to see how the parts fit together), to complex solid-and-fluid interaction analysis (a proverbial rocket science!).

Some companies can complete their designs using their inhouse capabilities. However, they are then unable to monitor the behaviour of their design under real-life conditions before manufacturing or prototyping. To combat this, they can hire CAD Analysis Services to reduce their production costs and improve their designs.

These services are further divided into assembly analysis, interaction analysis, stress analysis, buckling analysis, computational fluid analysis, and others. Some companies prefer to go for only one of these services whilst others opt for multiple, depending on their specific needs.

3D FEA CAD Analysis of a Drilling Transducer
CAD Analysis Services

The benefits resulting from utilising CAD Services are not limited to any type of person or industry. Anyone with a vision to develop a product can take advantage of CAD Services to design a product using CAD systems and digitally visualise it in 3D.  According to CAD FM, the top 10 beneficiaries of CAD Services are:

  • Students
  • Inventors
  • Hobbyists
  • E-shops
  • Bio-mechanic professionals
  • Engineering design companies
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Engineering illustrators
  • Architects
  • Structural engineers

These CAD Service beneficiaries are not presented in ascending or descending order. Details about each service are given here:

A picture depicting Do it Yourself - A pencil with dice cubes having written DIY

Yes! DIY CAD is possible, and you can do it yourself with a certain amount of commitment and passion. Instead of paying hefty costs for a single model, you can do it yourself with a little bit of training. It is relatively easy to train yourself on many CAD systems nowadays. Free CAD software together with free training resources give an opportunity to any Tom, Dick, or Harry to become a CAD expert. Software products such as ‘Fusion 360’ and ‘Blender’ are free to download and use for an unlimited period. There are also tutorials in the use of these available on YouTube.

CAD FM TIP: There are other software products that allow you to use a free trial version for a month or so. We do not recommend you to download such software if you are a new user of a CAD system because the trial versions of such software are free for a very limited period of time and the learning curve is very steep. So, by the time you’ve developed a modicum of know-how, the software trial will already be approaching its expiry date.

Always ask for sincere, expert, and independent advice before choosing a CAD system as the resellers and bloggers can easily mislead a new user for their personal motives.

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