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3D CAD Modelling Services

Our digital content creation services range from conceptual product design visualizations to complex 3D mechanical structures and components. Contact us to benefit from our 3D CAD Modelling Services.

CAD FM 3D Models

  • Drone 3D CAD Model

In the majority of CAD systems, a virtual model of any object is defined by geometric parameters such as length, height and depth. These models are visualized on a computer screen in three dimensions, which can be altered quickly.


Properties such as mass, density, strength and others can be assigned, and the models can be tested under real-life scenarios prior to manufacturing.

Industrial 3D Models

CAD FM company has invested in creating first-class CAD Modelling Services manned by highly experienced engineers. We specialise in supporting our clients by streamlining processes, increasing productivity and understanding your needs and vision for the end product.

We have worked with several clients providing 3D CAD Modelling solutions across different industries including engineering production, manufacturing, Automotive, and architecture.

Our 3D modelling services are at the forefront of our digital content creation services ranging from conceptual product design visualizations to complex 3D architectural structures. We can take your new designs, existing CAD files or 3D scanned objects and change them to match your requirements.

We help you visualize your concept by allowing you to see your concept more tangibly so that you can make informed decisions on production.

Because it is faster and cheaper to market, we can work with you to create a series of what-if scenarios to ensure the right product is produced. We also provide all documentation to ensure an audit trail for onward dissemination.


We develop free 3D models. Call us to discuss your endeavours with our experts. All of your 3D models are available in our library to download (terms and conditions apply).

If you have any idea or 3D models to share with us, send us over and we will give your models a significant exposure on our website.

The advantages of using our 3D Modelling Services are:

  • Designs can easily be communicated to the non-technical clients
  • Broad level of detail and calculations are possible in the modelling process, which in turn saves time and increases precision
  • ‘Intelligent’ functionality can take care of the automation tasks thereby reducing the time and effort
  • Early detection of clashes between various elements, which causes a delay in construction/manufacturing
  • The ‘constructible model’ gives a better idea of your project before physical construction takes place
  • Overall it improves the quality and reduces time and cost.


Benefits of investing in CAD FM 3D Modelling Services shown with a jigsaw design

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