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Mechanical 3D CAD Animation Services

CAD FM is delighted to introduce you to Mechanical 3D CAD Animations, the latest techniques in bringing your unique ideas to life.

This process will allow you to see your product in the real-life situation you have imagined without the costs of prototyping and development.

Being able to see your design in this manner will allow for fine tuning of movement, aesthetics or size and structure without the need for physical models and the expenses they incur.

Mechanical CAD Animation is an additional service that we offer and can use it in conjunction with other methods of design and feasibility all under one roof.

We at CAD FM are highly experienced with these techniques and can advise and support you at every step to ensure that you see the end result you desire.

We produce high quality animations for any engineering application that will suit your needs from an engineering assessment of the product to a sales and marketing pitch.

We can then assist you with your next steps towards full production or financial investment.

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Please give us a call to discuss your requirements and how CAD animation can help you achieve your dream product.

What are 3D CAD Animations?

3D CAD animations are a representation of processes, functions, and assemblies in a video format created using computer-aided design software. The video animations are based on photorealistic CAD models and can represent a real-life scenario or may be used to demonstrate a function virtually which is not possible realistically.

It is a way to present complex information in a video-graphical format that will help tell a story, add information, and create impact on the intended audience.

CAD animation systems allow users to create, manipulate, modify, and make an animation of complex three-dimensional models for scientific visualisation or commercial purposes.

What are Mechanical Animations?

Mechanical animations are used to represent mechanical processes. This could be an engineering assembly, fabrication or manufacturing process or even visually indicating thermal or structural behaviour in a video-graphical form.

They are a sub-section of 3D CAD animations with a focus on mechanical components or processes in action. In thermal and structural animations, it is possible to animate the direction and flow of heat or stress which is not possible to visualise in real life.

Today mechanical animations play an important role in examining a model and how they function before it becomes a reality. Mechanical animation videos are used worldwide by several industries such as manufacturing, furniture constriction, automobile design, etc.

It can be used for different purposes such as communicating the process of product development, educating potential customers or users, and product marketing. It can be used to enhance a financial pitch and make a great impression on investors as well.

Types of 3D CAD Animations

Mechanical CAD animations can be categorised in several ways. CAD FM has divided into 6 types for ease and understanding. You may require one or a combination of some or all to complete a project to your required standard.


01. Assembly animations

Assembly animations are used to show components of a model and how these components fit together or how they are assembled and disassembled.


02. Function animations

Function animations are used to highlight how a product may function.


03. Process animations

This animation is used to show the process a model may go through such as the manufacturing process. We can also use this animation technique to highlight the processes performed by the product or a specific part of the product.


04. Instruction animations

Instruction animations are used as manual to give guidelines about how to operate or use a specific function of the machine. For example, in the case of the motor engine, we can use instruction animation to show the steps for changing the engine oil.


05. Thermal and Structural animations

Thermal and structural animations are used to explain how thermal or heat transfer can cause structural change. It can be used to highlight potential heat transfer and structural failures or both.

For example, it demonstrates how metals undergo thermal expansion under the effect of heat. It can be used in planning for bridges, railway tracks/rails, overhead telephone wire, and home applications, etc.


06. Promotional animations

These techniques are best used for the promotion or marketing of a particular product. By applying appropriate colour, texture, and other settings, the product is made more attractive and appealing to attract the ideal customer or investor and promote the product as well as the company.

Why create 3D Mechanical CAD Animations?

There are Seven Major Reasons for Creating 3D Mechanical CAD Animations.

7 Major Reasons for Creating CAD Animations

CAD FM realises the importance of 3D CAD animations in the modern world and has outlined 7 major reasons why you should create these animations.

01.  Communicating production procedures

3D mechanical animations can communicate production procedures. The procedures of any production process or an assembly line can be shown as a 3D animation.

These animations can then be used to train staff or inform others about the safety standards or production procedures.


02.  Having an impact on investors

Impressing the investor is not easy. One bid can look the same as the next. If you use 3D animation for presenting your 3D models, you will stand out from the crowd. 3D animation can provide brief details about your product along with its working mechanisms.


03.  Saving money and time

By using 3D animation, you can make changes to your product and visualise the impact that makes all without spending any money on physical production. Although there are costs involved in 3D animation, the return on investment is far greater and you can achieve more at a quicker pace using such technology.


04.  Identifying the problem and its solution

3D animation can quickly highlight any key issues your product may face. Whether this is an engineering issue or an aesthetical one, you will be able to make changes immediately and see the end results.


05.  Appealing style

The 3D model animation created by the CAD software has advanced features and properties to make it look more like the vision you have in mind.

Many effects can be used such as lighting and camera orientation, it will be clear to see whether your work to date has brought about the end goal.


06.  Branding

It is also possible for 3D animation to be used for branding purposes by using logo and colour charts placed within the animation settings. You can be sure that your brand is consistent and meet any branding strategy requirements ensuring it meets the needs of the target market.


07.  Product marketing

Following on from its uses for consistent branding, 3D animation can also be used for marketing purposes. It can make sure a product is exhibited more attractively and can highlight key features you may wish to highlight.

This might be the working mechanism of the product displayed through the animation or its aesthetics to ensure it is more appealing to potential customers.

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