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Product Design Services

Product Design process

Our product design process consists of following scrupulous steps, and your product development may include all or some these:


There is no doubt that everything starts with an ontological category of being — an idea; all of the innovations, inventions and products started with mare an idea.  When your thoughts arise in a reflexive, spontaneous manner, pondered thinking or serious reflection, they give birth to an innovation.  We are experts in converting your raw ideas into functional products through our product design process. This accentuates to draw everything in your mind on a piece of paper.

Rough Sketch

Now you have your idea and you believe that this can revolutionise the world, you need to draw it on paper so that our engineers can understand it clearly. This sketch does not need to be an exact replication of your thoughts but a close approximation to help us take to the next step in product design. If you have any questions Contact Us! and we are happy to guide you through the whole process of product development cycle. CAD FM eliminates the need of industrial sketches unless required for some stakeholder purposes.

Conceptual Design

Once we agree with you on your requirements and demands, we take your sketch and convert it into a conceptual design by producing 3D CAD models.  This is where your idea starts taking engineering shape and investors start taking interest in it. After CAD FM transforms your idea close to reality and agree with you if it has represented your idea completely, CAD FM moves onto the engineering side which is to conduct design analysis/calculations. 

Design Calculations

We design your products with the assurance of their performance, and that can only be achieved if the design is mechanically optimised using design calculations. Our Design Calculation Service is a simple and efficient process.

We realise that sometimes you may only require design calculations to confirm that an arrangement you have detailed is adequate and meets regulation requirements. Simply send us a copy of the drawings or proposals and we will assess the extent of the input required and provide you with a detailed fixed priced fee quotation.

By working with Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, we not only help create the design calculations required but also ensure they work with all CAD systems so that any inputs that calculate the necessary part dimensions, link the result to your CAD model. If your needs change – we can change your inputs; the resulting dimension is automatically recalculated, and your part updated in real time.

Our Design Team is fully versed in all current regulations and utilise the most up to date software for design calculations.

If you would like to receive further information give us a call.

The design drawings and 3D CAD models are optimised and finalised.

3D Printing

Building a part in thousands of thin layers affords designers the opportunity to create highly complex geometries that are often impossible to mould, press or sculpt. This latest technology is growing rapidly, and we are excited to be able to bring to you an offering which supports your ability to prototype quickly, test small sections of your design or just get a view of a vision in a more tangible format in a cost effective way.

3D printing gives greater flexibility and more opportunities when designing and manufacturing complex parts. 

As durable as traditionally manufactured parts, this gives you the ability to use lighter materials and produce more complex, bespoke designs.

This level of flexibility allows you to enjoy an enhanced level of customisation and enable you to quickly respond to market changes and make faster product improvements.

Whether you have used our services to create the initial designs or have ready made drawings we can provide you with a final product for your onward journey.

We can provide one-off, individual parts, or small batches of complex parts and assemblies. 3D printed parts can also be used as part of a larger assembly that fits onto a traditionally manufactured fixture base.

We welcome enquiries from companies looking for innovative solutions, ways to re-engineer components or keen enthusiasts. 3D printing is a very complementary service to the traditional machining and cutting services and we are very happy to advise on which method we feel is most suited for your projects. Please give us a call.


Prototyping is integral to any manufacturing process and Computer Aided Design offer support throughout this phase to make sure that you have physical prototypes in hand quickly to allow you to modify designs during early product development. This allows you to reduce overall time to market with an iterative product development cycle. We will talk with engineers to discuss any design challenges and manufacturing questions that arise and validate the final iteration and can test the form and fit of components with small quantities of accurate 3D-printed and machined parts.

By completing the prototyping stage, you are able to create a minimum viable product that allows you to receive valuable feedback on the trajectory of a product from the people that will actually use it.

Prototypes are also sales tools and we can ensure that you have all of the data you need to be able to get buy-in from stakeholders and manufacturers alike guaranteeing a shared vision.

Call us to find out more

Manufacturing Process Planning

At CAD FM we work meticulously with our customers to satisfy their specific product requirements from initial designs and specifications through to final manufacture, approvals and delivery.

Manufacturing process planning is a critical step because during this stage you identify, source and price the parts used. It provides you with a single, scalable and secure source of manufacturing data that supports the lifecycle of your product. We can help you determine where and how to manufacture and what it will cost you.

We work hard to find appropriate cost savings and/or shorter production time. This could be through procurement or resource planning. With a fully managed, single source of knowledge for products, processes and resources, you can increase innovation to improve profitability, time-to-market and quality.

Because CAD FM can assist you from the very start of the design process, our understanding of the requirements to go into manufacturing in detail and focus on your need and your vision.

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